2019 Annual Report to the Bishop

Active Rostered Ministers

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What do you struggle with the most in serving in your current call?
Did you participate in a review of your ministry in the past year?
If you had a review, what was helpful about it? If there was no review, why not?
What is one thing that the Office of the Bishop can do to support you in your ministry? Please note any concerns/issues you'd like to share.
What are you doing to strengthen your resilience as a leader in the church?
Give an example of your resilience as a leader.
Describe ways you are regularly connecting with other rostered ministers and church leaders.
What continuing education opportunities did you participate in over the past year?
What were your total Continuing Education contact hours in 2018?
What was your defined compensation in 2018?
What will your defined compensation be in 2019?
Are you planning to retire in the next 5 years?
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Was an extended study leave/sabbatical provided?
Sabbatical Policy
Does your congregation have a sabbatical policy?