Call Process Manual Appendixes


A A Model for a Community Bible Study
B Text Suggestions for a Community Bible Study
C Exit Interview Forms
D Liturgy for Departure of a Pastor from a Congregation (and suggested prayer)
E Model One:  Mission and Ministry Planning
F Model Two:  A Strategic Planning Process
G How to Complete the Ministry Site Profile
H Evaluating the MMTF Process
I An Affirmation of a Call Committee
J Sample Call Committee Agenda
K Sample of a Proposed Call Timeline
L Sample of a Visual Timeline Used on the Web
M Sample Initial Interview Script
N Sample Interview Questions for Candidates
O Sample Interview Questions by Candidates
P Sample Interview Evaluation
Q Sample Letter to Candidates Not Recommended for Call
R Sample Questions for Checking References
S Sample Agendas for Face-to-Face Interviews
T Sample Outline of Candidate Recommendation to Council
U Six-Nine Month Review:  Option 1
V Six-Nine Month Review:  Option 2
W Prayers for Use Throughout Call Process (Transition, Work of Call Committee, Pastoral Interviews, Meetings)

Additional resources:

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