Performance Appraisals (Rostered)

Rostered Leader Ministry Review and Performance Evaluation

The ELCA recognizes that effective ministry is the result of interaction between the rostered leader and the congregation, and that it’s always important to stay in touch with shared goals and expectations. The following documents are provided as tools to review the mutual ministry of the rostered leader(s) and the congregation.

The goals of the review are:

a. To identify and affirm the accomplishments, faithfulness and competencies of the rostered leader and the congregation;

b. To help rostered leaders sharpen personal goals and to define areas of needed or desired professional, spiritual, and personal growth; and,

c. To help rostered leaders and laity clarify expectations of one another and to improve the effectiveness of their shared ministries.

(Congregations are free to choose any information below that would be most helpful in their individual review process.)

Evaluation – Mennonite Appreciative Way

Ministry Performance Evaluation

Performance Planning Review Process

Rostered Leader Review

Pastoral Review of the Congregation