Director for Evangelical Mission

Thank you for taking time to visit the Director for Evangelical Mission’s page. The office of the Director for Evangelical Mission (DEM) is a position that is shared between the Churchwide Office of the ELCA and the local Synod Office. It focuses on three areas of ministry: New Mission Starts, Congregational Vitality, and Stewardship. This work is done in collaboration with the Grand Canyon Synod’s New and Renewing Table and Stewardship Tables

As you explore the resources provided in this page, I invite you to let me know how useful it was in support of your congregation’s mission life, and feel free to suggest other resources that might be useful for our work together. Thank you and blessings. 

—Rev. Miguel Gomez-Acosta,

New and Renewing Table 

The New and Renewing Table has three main foci.

  1. First and foremost, table members are relationship-builders, building relationships within the synod for the sake of mission.

  2. Second, we are mission interpreters, communicating to the synod how the Holy Spirit is moving through our synod through our congregations.

  3. And finally, we are stewards of the mission work of the Synod, overseeing the mission resources and having oversight of new starts (Synodically Authorized Worshipping Communities, or SAWCs) and redevelopments. 

Synodically Authorized Worshipping Communities (SAWCs) 

  • The Forge

  • Open Space

  • NAUM

  • Covenant 

  • Emmanuel

  • Agape

  • CR Queen Creek

  • CR Florence

  • Nueva Cancion

  • Pan-Asian Ministry

  • Santa Trinidad

  • La Fe

Language Specific Congregations 

  • Vida Nueva

  • Sagrada Familia

  • La Primera

New and Renewing Congregations

  • Living Christ

  • Celebration

  • Reformation

  • The Lakes 

  • Verifying we don’t list:

    • San Juan Bautista

    • House of Prayer

    • Maturing Congregations

      • Vida Nueva

      • Sagrada Familia

      • Crossroads

      • Maricopa

New and Renewing Table members

Mission Resources 

  • ELCA Mission Planning

  • Grand Canyon Synod Grant Program
    (this page is under development and will be live in the summer of 2019)