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Imagining the Future

Imagining the Future informs Mission Strategy for the Present

This Mission Table talk is for congregations facing an uncertain future, presently more engaged in maintenance ministry than missional, and is fearful of what the future might bring.

Outline of suggested activity

  • Set Up: We suggest tables of 6-8 people. The pastor or lay leader may assign a “host” for each table to initiate the discussion. Provide finger food: grapes, apple slices, crackers and cheese, and yes, even some great tasting, homemade cookies. Offer appropriate drinks for those who have come.

  • Prior to the meeting, the Mission Table leaders may gather demographic information on both the congregation and the local neighborhood. An age/gender pyramid of the congregation would be useful. Your synod’s Director for Evangelical Mission would be helpful in obtaining some of this information.

  • Pray, invite the Holy Spirit to encourage, grant wisdom and inspire the conversation.

  • Begin with 5-15 minutes of group reflection on the following Bible verse-Romans 8: 18-39

What does Paul write that would help a congregation today overcome fear, especially fear of the congregation’s future?