Grand Canyon Synod Women of the ELCA

If you would like to learn more about the Grand Canyon Synod WELCA, please contact president Myrna Wells-Ulland or visit their website.

For news and information on the Women of the ELCA (national chapter) please visit their website.

The Churchwide organization of WELCA has awarded two grants to organizations in our Synod.

The first grant is to the Valley Youth Organization, Inc., in Prescott Valley, Arizona, for the Stepping Stones Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency Program (amount awarded $3,000). These funds will be used to work with women one-on-one to help them set and achieve empowerment and self-sufficiency goals.

The second grant is to the World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task-Force, Inc. (WHEAT) in Phoenix, Arizona, for the Mentoring & Training Program (amount awarded $2,000). These funds will be used to empower women in need through job training, skill building, social support, and positive guidance.

The granting of funds to organizations and programs that support the needs and the development of women is one way the purposes of Women of the ELCA is fulfilled. Since 1990 grants given by WELCA in support of women and children have totaled over three and a half million dollars.