Mission Table Bibliography

Recommended first books:

The Missional Leader by Alan Roxburgh, Fred Romanuk and Eddie Gibbs
This is a must read for missional leaders. Chapter titles provide an excellent review of content (examples): (1) Six Critical Issues for Missional Leadership; (5) the Missional Change Model; (7) the Character of the Missional Leader; (9) Forming a Missional Environment and Culture. This book is recommended especially for a pastor’s book study within conferences or clusters.

A Door Set Open – Grounding Change in Mission and Hope by Peter Steinke
This book will speak to everyone, especially the laity, as we struggle to understand the changing climate in a postmodern world. Steinke offers an invitation to congregational health and vitality in the midst of complex, shaping forces that are producing fear and anxiety among us. This book is recommended for a congregational mission table. 

(February 2012)

Top 27 BooksRecommended by the Missional Leadership Academy, Grand Canyon Synod, ELCA, Posted by Rev. Stewart McDonald (October 2011)

Additional Recommended Books