Mission Table Prayer

Lectio Divina (A Holy reading and reflection) on John 20:19-22
by Mrs. AnneMarie Freeman, Spiritual Director

In this reflection the scripture will be read three times.  Each time participants are asked to reflect in a particular way on what they are hearing.  This allows our minds to be more open and able to listen to the scripture as it speaks to us.

First reading:  While listening please think of the scene being described, and picture it in your mind.  Think of what the scene looks like before Jesus arrives and then after he arrives.

Follow this first reading with 1 minute of silence for reflection.

Second reading:  How put yourselves into the picture, either as a disciple or as an observer, or as Jesus.  Be aware of feelings that arise in you as you listen and become a participant in the scene.

Follow the second reading with 1 – 2 minutes of silence.

Third reading: Now pick a phrase that touches you the most or has the most meaning for you at this time.  Repeat that phrase or word over and over to yourself.  Let its meaning sink in and allow the scripture to speak to you.

Follow this reading with 2 minutes of silence for reflection.

When this process is completed the following questions might serve to stimulate discussion around the table.

(In the Bible the Holy Spirit was received as a community experience.  Jesus was with them in body only momentarily but the disciples continued to have each other to depend on.)