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The Missional Church - Director's Page

Welcome to the web page of the Director for Evangelical Mission!

Along with the original material on Mission Tables, I have added three new sections. Each new section relates to one of the three Synodical Mission Tables organized in 2012. Our three synodical mission tables have been hard at work to provide resources and encouragement to the congregations of the Grand Canyon Synod. Their focus is on mission planning, mission partnerships and growth in stewardship planning.

One of our goals is that every congregation creates and maintains a mission table to support and grow their missional outreach. The Mission Table section introduces congregations to mission tables and offers many resources for your congregation.

In Christ,

Rev. Miguel Gomez-Acosta

Mission Tables

New and Renewing Mission Table

The New and Renewing Mission Table has several assignments. Our work is to identify areas in the synod for new mission starts, either Congregations under Development (CUD's) or Synodically Authorized Worshiping Communities (SAWC's). In addition to new starts several of our congregations have entered into “Redevelopment”.

Grant Application Process

Our grant process is being updated. Please check back soon.

Stewardship and Mission Support Table

The Mission Table for Stewardship and Support seeks to glorify God by assisting individuals and congregations to identify, develop, and use their resources to further the kingdom of God on earth.  Currently, our major area of focus is a program entitled Ventures in Growing Stewards. Ventures is a 4 part workshop series open to all congregations to assist in developing a stewardship team, a year around stewardship ministry, and provide proven ways to increase generosity. (Contact Janis Richert for more information at You are welcome to join our Mission Table gatherings at any time.

Resources for Stewardship