Jobs: Outreach Coordinator, Grace Lutheran, Phoenix

Grace Lutheran Church Phoenix, Arizona 
Outreach Coordinator Job Description 
May 15-September 15, 2019 

Position Summary: The outreach coordinator will coordinate and oversee the summer heat respite program. 

Reports Directly to: Solveig Muus, chairperson of the Outreach Team and Pastor 

Position Requirements: 

• Embrace the ethos of the Heat Respite program 

Our Heat Respite mission statement: Our mission during the summer months is to provide a space for heat relief while building community through the sharing of community resources, meals, water, and ourselves in a place of being, belonging, and becoming. 

This ethos is most clearly articulated by Roman Catholic layperson Jean Vanier who wrote: “In the midst of all the violence and corruption of the world, God invites us today to create new places of belonging, places of sharing, of peace and of kindness, places where no one needs to defend themselves; places where each one is loved and accepted with one’s own fragile abilities and disabilities. This is my vision for our churches: that they become places of belonging, places of sharing.” 

• Attention to Detail: Consistently attends to the many small pieces which must be assembled into an organized whole; comfortable with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Facebook, and email 

• Integrity and Trust: Is seen as trustworthy by others; practices direct, honest, and transparent communication; admits mistakes; responds to situations with consistency and reliability; respects the autonomy of each individual 

• Interpersonal Skills: Works well with people; uses diplomacy and tact; is approachable; avoids triangulation 

• Verbal Communication: Demonstrates communication styles appropriate to the situation at hand; is comfortable speaking to a large and diverse audience 

• Emotional Intelligence: Demonstrates strong and appropriate personal boundaries in relationships; is emotionally and spiritually mature; can maintain a non-anxious presence in the midst of turmoil; not overly dependent upon outside affirmation; can stand in the presence of others’ strong emotions without taking responsibility for them or reacting to them externally or internally; does not hold grudges or bitterness; practices forgiveness and generosity in interpersonal relationships; values individuals’ gifts and accepts individuals’ limitations without demeaning them 

• Personal Resiliency: Can shift gears comfortably; can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty; is flexible 

• Project Management: Identifies the key objectives and scope of a proposed project; develops a thorough and realistic plan for achieving key objectives; implements action plans, communicates progress to team members and volunteers 

• Obtain a Food Manager Card 

• Quick Response to Emergencies 

Principal Accountabilities: 

* Oversee the tracking and acknowledgement of donations of Grace Room items, food, and money given specifically for outreach programs 

* Along with the outreach team and led by the outreach director, brainstorm ideas for heat respite 

* Reach out to ministry partners with volunteer and giving opportunities 

* Schedule and equip volunteers for heat respite 

* Personally supervise heat respite 

* Supervise key heat respite volunteers 

* Serve as first point person for resolving conflicts and questions at heat respite alongside outreach director and pastor 

* Along with the outreach director, write occasional articles for the newsletter, announcements for Facebook, and information for the Grace website about outreach programs 

* Be regularly present in worship to recruit and inform volunteers for outreach programs 

* Research and seek out grant opportunities and apply for grants 

* Make signs, banners, and posters as needed and as directed by the outreach director 

* Attend staff meetings 

* Attend monthly Outreach Team meetings (2nd Tuesday @ 6:30 pm) and quarterly Ministry Night 

To Apply 

Send your resume, cover letter, and at least two references to Pastor Sarah Stadler at For questions, you may reach Pastor Sarah at the Grace office at 602-258-3787.

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