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ELCA, Church of Sweden and The Episcopal Church issue climate commitment

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) joins the Church of Sweden and The Episcopal Church in a commitment to work together to advocate for national and international policies that address the urgency of the climate crisis and help create resilient communities while leaving no one behind. This statement is a renewal and update of the commitment made by the three church bodies in 2013.

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2019 LDR Consultation: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Last year, the Lutheran Disaster Response-US (LDR) network discussed climate change – what it is and why we care. We were inspired by the stories of the communities we accompany and driven to action by the questions that were asked. The network asked us, “What does this mean for our work?” We heard their question and happy to announce the 2019 LDR Consultation: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. The event will be held October 14-17 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Lutheran Disaster Response Facilitator Attends Climate Reality Project Training

I grew up the daughter of a water and wastewater engineer. On summer vacations and road trips of any length, our family made detours to visit water treatment plants.

I think it was by osmosis that I came to know that there is a relationship between human activity and the natural environment and so it is not surprising that I ended up as one of the Disaster Response Coordinators in the Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) network. Read the full story »

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Hurricane Dorian updates from Bishop Eaton and Lutheran Disaster Response

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas with devastating force, lingering over the islands for over 24 hours. One month later, over 50 people have been reported dead with hundreds still missing and thousands left homeless in the Bahamas. Crippled infrastructure, closed businesses, and a tainted water supply are exacerbating. In North Carolina, many homes have been damaged and assessments are ongoing.

In this post, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton shares an overview of the last two years of hurricane relief, and Lutheran Disaster Response provides a situation update on Hurricane Dorian.

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Climate Change: Let’s get on with the how

The world is in a critical state, and we are far behind in our efforts to limit global warming. There are four numbers that matter:

1.5 or less – The degrees Celsius to which we must limit global warming;
2050 – the year by which the world must reach carbon neutrality;
2030 – the year by which we must limit global emissions by 35-40%; and
2020 – when new and revised Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), quantifying commitment for greenhouse gas reductions, must be issued by countries.

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Finding a bright path through chaos

Crisis and urgency bordering on chaos are common themes of most news outlets’ headlines. Violence, climate change, hunger, migration… Are we faced with hopeless situations as the headlines seem to indicate? Absolutely not.

Addressing crises of the world may be urgent but must be expediently tactical. God has gifted us with many tools to help us navigate toward viable solutions. The Talanoa Dialogue process is one such tool.

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Second Chances: A Migrant Story

In 2013, Juan began the journey to the United States, spurred by extreme poverty and lack of opportunities in El Salvador. He attempted to get on “La Bestia” (The Beast) – a network oftrains used by migrants to travel towards the U.S. border. During his attempt to climb aboard, his legs were trapped by the wheels of the train, causing him to lose both his legs. He almost died.

A block from Juan’s home is Our Redeemer, a congregation of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church (ILS). The pastor, Francisco Aguilar, heard about Juan’s story. Read the full story »

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Faith Lens: Transformative Changes

Sobering news was released in May by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which is an intergovernmental body of the United Nations. Using a team of 455 authors from 50 countries, IPBES spent three years reviewing 15,000 government and scientific sources to come to the assessment that one million species of plants and animals (roughly one in eight species in the whole world) are threatened with extinction, many within decades. Read the full blog post »

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US Tornadoes and Storms situation update

Over Memorial Day Weekend, tornadoes continued to rip through the central United States. Lutheran Disaster Response is providing immediate and long-term relief. View a PDF version of the report. Be a part of the response:

Pray: Please pray for the communities who were impacted by these destructive tornadoes. Give: Gifts to “U.S. Tornadoes” will be used to until the response is complete. Connect: Share this bulletin insert with your congregation; sign up to receive alerts; check the LDR blogFacebook, and Twitter.

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