Dr. Mary Jane Haemig Interview: The Forgotten Luther II

In this video, Dr. Mary Jane Haemig discusses the question: How does the Lutheran catechism equip people of faith for life in their communities?

Mary Jane Haemig, J.D., Th.D., is professor of church history and director of the Reformation Research Program at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn. This interview was recorded during the “Forgotten Luther II Symposium” held at Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Washington, DC, January 19-20, 2018. This video is provided by ELCA World Hunger, a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA.) Dr. Haemig’s full presentation from the symposium was published in The Forgotten Luther II: Reclaiming the Church’s Public Witness (2019), available from Fortress Press. To purchase the book, please visit fortresspress.com/forgottenlutherii.