Grand Canyon Synod Receives SOLI Grant to Launch The Generosity Project

The GCS Stewardship Team received notice from the Stewardship of Life Institute (SOLI) that they are the recipients of a $6000 grant to help bring The ELCA Generosity Project to the Grand Canyon Synod over a course of 18-months, beginning fall 2019. 

The purpose of The Generosity Project (TGP) is for congregations to, “Connect Generations and Equip Households as Centers for the Faith Practice of Generosity.” The goal is to, “Grow an individual, household and congregational culture and spirit of sharing and giving that is practiced with joy, all year long.” 

The Generosity Project: Introductory Workshop, a multi-generational, interactive gathering, will initially be offered in Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Participating congregations will receive resources and ongoing support from the GCS Stewardship Team, the GCS Director of Evangelical Mission, the ELCA Generosity Project Coordinator, TGP congregational connectors, and ELCA trained Coaches. 

Congregations who participate in The Generosity Project will: 

  • Become more confident in their role in equipping households as the centers for the faith practice of generosity. 

  • Recognize God’s grace and generosity through cross†generational interaction and conversation, 

  • Share and celebrate stories of generosity, 

  • Sing, pray, practice, move, laugh, learn, eat, share, and worship together – building a community and culture that supports one another in practicing generosity, 

  • Utilize the TGP resources and curriculum to equip and grow life-long stewards, 

  • Grow an individual, household and congregational culture and spirit of sharing and giving that is practiced all year long. 

Details and a schedule for participating in The Generosity Project will be shared with congregational leaders at the 2019 Grand Canyon Synod Assembly. The GCS is grateful to the ELCA for its support of The Generosity Project and to SOLI for this generous grant. SOLI seeks to promote stewardship education in the ELCA, especially with seminarians and rostered leaders. 

To learn more about The Generosity Project check out the information on The Generosity Project ELCA Facebook page, especially the documents available under FILES.