Prayers for Desert Cross, Tempe & Gilbert

We uplift in prayer Desert Cross Lutheran Church in Tempe and Gilbert, AZ. We pray for their missional congregation, who celebrates Christ's presence, invites people into a growing relationship with Jesus and equips them to serve in a broken world. We pray for: Andrea Cain, Senior Pastor; Doris Nolan, Transitional Associate Pastor; Doug Bjotvedt, Director of Operations & Property; Dawn Collins, Office Manager; Daniel Decker, Director of Worship & Music Ministries - Tempe; Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries; Shannon Fossett, Director of Children's Ministries; Maegan Jennett, Communications Coordinator; Michael Lottes, Director of Worship & Music Ministries - Gilbert; Denise McClellan, Director of Adult Ministries; Jessica Robinson, Worship Coordinator; Kristen Roehling, Children’s Ministry Assistant; and Denise Viker, RN, Parish Nurse.