Grant Dollars at Work: Native American Urban Ministry

As we enter the 2020 GCS grant process, we have assembled stories from our 2019 Grant recipients, which you can see on our Grant Dollars at Work page.

Native American Urban Ministry (NAUM)


One amazing thing is Native American Urban Ministry (NAUM). In our visit during Saturday worship, we heard of addictions and celebrated recovery. We heard of being lost and finding a home at NAUM. We heard of brokenness and God’s healing. 

One leader, Renee spoke of how this ministry not only had helped her maintain recovery, but how God was piecing her life back together. We got to hear her share that she was finally getting her GED and at the same time, her oldest daughter, Cheyenne, was graduating high school. Renee was awarded a scholarship to attend community college and will use this as a steppingstone for her dream--becoming a substance abuse counselor. On May 25, 2019 the community of NAUM celebrated Renee’s GED and her daughter Cheyenne, graduating from Central High School. 

NAUM is a Synodically Authorized Worshipping Community (SAWC) of the Grand Canyon Synod. Their ministry is possible through the grants they receive from the ELCA Domestic Mission Unit and the Grand Canyon Synod—and that’s YOU.