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Gloria de Cristo, Yuma, AZ, receives $10,000 grant from the ELCA Division of Disability Ministries

Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church, Yuma, AZ, now has a Mental Health Ministry Team that has received a $10,000 grant from the ELCA Division of Disability Ministries

This new Mental Health Ministry will foster greater awareness and understanding within our congregation, and facilitate our work in reaching out to those with mental illnesses and their families.

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Prayers for America Lutheran, Sun City, AZ

We uplift in prayer American Lutheran Church of Sun City, AZ. We pray for Rev. Lowell D. Nelson, Senior Pastor; Rev. Gary R. Ulrich, Pastor of Care; Rev. Gary R. Garvey, Pastor of Visitation; Linda Shirck, Interim Organist; Janet MacDonald, Interim Choir Director; George Zoske, Director of Christo Bells; Julie Ochs, Financial Coordinator; Diane Lewis, Admin. Assistant; Carol Weber, Financial Consultant; Lori Kellar, Wellness Coordinator; Judy Gilmore, Communications Coordinator/Admin Assistant; Dave Tigges, Property / Grounds,

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We pray for Shepherd of the Desert, Sun City

We pray for Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church, Sun City, AZ as they continue to be an intergenerational congregation that puts the Love of Christ into action from one generation to another, and from their community to the world. We uplift: The Rev. Dr. Daniel Defassio, Senior Pastor; Kristen Wood, Administrative Secretary; Sue Jordan, Administrative Assistant; and Victor Lozano, Custodian.

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