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Prayers for Emmanuel Lutheran, Prescott Valley, AZ

We pray for Emmanuel Lutheran Church, in Prescott Valley, AZ, an inclusive faith community that seeks to live the Word and Way of Christ's unconditional love.

We uplift: Pastor Tricia Lowe; Adam Bissell, Assistant Director; Cathy Namock, Organist; Gene Fougner, Music Ministry Coordinator; Jon Hust, Praise Team Leader; Mary Jensen, Office Manager; and Kimberly Robinson-Goats, Office Assistant.

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Pastor Sharon Brown to serve as the next Dean of the High Country Conference

We are delighted to share that Pastor Sharon Brown has agreed to serve as the next Dean of the High Country Conference. Many thanks to Pastor Kurt Fangmeier for serving as Dean these past years and creating a strong sense of collegiality. Please welcome Pastor Brown to this new role. She joined the GCS in October 2018 and serves at Spirit of Joy, Clarkdale.

Thanks to both of these pastors and to each of you for being church together, better together for the sake of God’s world.

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