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The Generosity Project

An intergenerational, household focused approach to stewardship made possible by a grant from the SOLI Foundation to the Grand Canyon Synod.

The Generosity Project connects generations and equips households as centers for the faith practice of generosity.

Resources include:

  • an Introductory Generosity Project “Lab” experience,

  • an outline for an introductory 3.5 hour workshop,

  • five sessions plus worship with a detailed planning guide,

  • Live It Out take-home activities,

  • foundation and fundamentals that offer an overview for the project, and

  • an extensive, curated resource list.

Join Us!

  • All Saints Lutheran, Phoenix, 10/5/2019

  • Our Saviour’s Lutheran, Tucson, 10/12/2019
    Registration deadline: 10/4/2019

  • Reformation Lutheran, Las Vegas, 11/2/2019
    Registration deadline: 10/25/2019

If you have questions, please contact Rev. Miguel Gomez-Acosta, Director for Evangelical Mission and Bishop’s Associate for Congregational Vitality, 480-297-3341,

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The Generosity Project Lab


9:30am–1:30pm • 9AM Registration • Lunch Included

Children ages 6 and older will be fully engaged in the workshop.
Childcare available for those 5 and younger.

All Saints Lutheran, Phoenix, 10/5/2019 • Registration deadline: 9/30/2019
Our Saviour’s Lutheran, Tucson, 10/12/2019 • Registration deadline: 10/4/2019
Reformation Lutheran, Las Vegas, 11/2/2019 • Registration deadline: 10/25/2019


Lab Results

  • Experience God’s grace and generosity through cross†generational interaction

  • Build a Grand Canyon Synod community that sings, prays, laughs, learns, eats, and worships together

  • Return to the congregation with confidence, resources and support to implement The Generosity Project in one’s congregation and households

  • Become a part of the Grand Canyons Synod’s network of Generosity Project Labs.

How Does The Introductory Lab Work?

Your congregation’s team will attend the half-day workshop where they will experience a Generosity Project “sampler plate.” Participants will return to the congregation with everything they need to implement The Generosity Project, including resources and a network of support. Each congregation sets their own goals and next action steps to become one of God’s generous congregations and households.

Who is to Participate?

Your congregation assembles a group of individuals interested in becoming God’s generous stewards. Invite rostered and lay, who are willing to learn, laugh and work together in a cross†generational workshop setting. Send a group of 5-7 folks including those retired, mid-life wage-earning participants, young adults beginning careers, and youth of all ages. The workshop is interactive and will hold even the youngest & oldest participant’s attention.

How Does The Generosity Project Help Our Congregation?

Congregations across the ELCA who have participated in The Generosity Project report that the experience changes the way one views and approaches stewardship, opening up new and creative conversations between all generations. It is no longer just about how we fund our ministry; this is about how we live, how we share, and how we equip households as the center for the faith practice of generosity - year round.

What is Required to become a Generosity Project Lab Congregation?

  • An enrollment fee of $250.

  • An 18-month commitment to fully participate as a “Lab” congregation in the Grand Canyon Synod’s effort to build a network where generosity is practiced by multiple generations and households.

  • Completing a pre and post ELCA Survey on Growing Stewards and Mission.

  • Prayer and recognition of God’s grace and generosity in growing a culture of sharing and giving that is practiced all year long - in congregations and households.

What Will the Congregation Receive for its Investment?

  • Participation for up-to 7 people in the Introductory TGP Lab.

  • Services of an ELCA recognized Coach for six sessions.

  • Leadership of a trained TGP Network Connector in Southern AZ, Valley of the Sun, and Southern NV.

  • The Generosity Project 5G six-session curriculum plus additional TGP resources.

  • Opportunity to convene a 2nd time, fall 2020, to share challenges, accomplishments, exchange resources and strengthen the network of generous congregations and households in the GCS.

  • Your story documented and shared.

  • Support of the GCS Stewardship Team and the ELCA Generosity Project Coordinator.

The Generosity Project Guiding Principles and Outcomes:

  • God’s Story in Jesus shapes our lives, our identity and daily decisions.

  • All ages have the ability to be generous.

  • Generosity is best formed and practiced in households.

  • Faith and trust as God’s stewards is best supported by conversation across generations.

  • Generosity is a vital, daily expression and practice of our faith.

The Generosity Project is made possible through a generous grant from The Stewardship of Life Institute (SOLI), the ELCA Stewardship Program, and the Grand Canyon Synod Staff and Stewardship Team.