The ELCA recognizes that effective ministry is the result of interaction between the rostered leader and the congregation, and that it's always important to stay in touch with shared goals and expectations.

These documents are provided as tools to review the mutual ministry of the rostered leader(s) and the congregation.

The goals of the review are:

  • To identify and affirm the accomplishments, faithfulness and competencies of the rostered leader and the congregation;

  • To help rostered leaders sharpen personal goals and to define areas of needed or desired professional, spiritual, and personal growth; and,

  • To help rostered leaders and laity clarify expectations of one another and to improve the effectiveness of their shared ministries.


Reviews and Evaluations

Congregations are free to choose any information below that would be most helpful in their individual review process. All information is in PDF format.

Pastoral/Congregational Review Based in the appreciative way
(Mennonite Church Eastern Canada)
"The goal of an evaluation or review process should always be to improve the ministry of a congregation and the effectiveness of its members and staff. Through intentional reflection and collaborative discernment... done in the context of the congregation's call and vision, pastors, leaders and people all gain insight, discern new priorities and experience empowerment" (Jill Hudson, Evaluating Ministry, Alban Institute)

Ministry Performance Evaluation
Use this tool to enable conversation about the ministry of pastor and people over the last year. Discuss the four basic ministry areas and the overall ratings and record what is well done, adequate, needs improvement, and/or items for further conversation.

Performance Planning and Review Process Workbook
The annual formulation and review of mutually accepted goals for the congregation and its rostered leaders is highly recommended to fulfill the purpose of the church and the congregation as participants in God’s mission. This performance planning and review process is intended to provide guidelines that Congregation Councils, Executive Committees, or Mutual Ministry Committees can apply to their own situations.

Sample Annual Strategic Planning and Review Cycle
A yearly calendar for a church council, executive committee, and congregation.

Sample Annual Performance Planning and Review Process Agenda
A yearly calendar with actions.

Congregation Goals and Performance Review Worksheet
This worksheet can facilitate discussion about the past year. List the goals established for the congregation on the worksheet. Review the progress made toward each specific, quantifiable, measurable goal. Once all goals have been discussed, the group can assign an average rating and note ideas for next year.

Review of Staff and Congregational Ministry
Effective ministry is the result of an interaction between the pastor and the congregation. It is important to stay in touch with shared goals and expectations. The following document is provided as a means to review the mutual ministry of the pastor(s) and the congregation.

Pastoral Ministry Review of the Congregation
Prior to completing this section, each person doing the review is encouraged to consult the expectations of a congregation as contained in Chapter 4 "Statement of Purpose" in the suggested model constitution for congregations of the Grand Canyon Synod, ELCA.