Trending chicken sandwich and voter registration

From the ELCA Advocacy blog by guest blogger the Rev. Lamont Wells, President of the African Descent Lutheran Association

The sidewalk alongside 116th Street was filled with hungry consumers lined up to purchase that very popular chicken sandwich from Popeyes as I left my local gym. I paused and watched the line grow longer and overheard various conversations.

While I listened, a young male said aloud, “I haven’t registered to vote yet!” I ran upstairs to my condo and grabbed a handful of voter registration applications leftover from a previous drive.

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10/18/19 Grant Application Deadline

10/18/19 Deadline! As we take applications for 2020 GCS grants, we share stories from our 2019 Grant recipients, which you can see on our Grant Dollars at Work page.

House of Prayer, Rock Point, AZ: Participants are growing accustomed to telling their story and seeing themselves as a part of God’s story in this time and place. Visitors to the Mission are also engaging with local folks in conversation and sharing. Guests who have come to “eat and run” in the past are sticking around to talk. The conversation and encouragement is especially helpful to the elderly.

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Sitting in the belly of the whale

From Allie Papke-Larson comes this reflection. Papke-Larson is Program Coordinator for Lutheran Campus Ministries/Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministries at Northern Arizona University and Youth Director at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Flagstaff.

The cooling weather brings the changing and falling leaves, the sun shines with a less direct light, our once long days, shortening. 

This time of year has me thinking about the transitions in my own life. I remember what a friend told me once, she said finding our way can be like being in the belly of the whale: we can’t see that we are moving, growing, crossing an entire sea. It feels like we are sitting still, even though movement and growth are happening. 

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ELCA, Church of Sweden and The Episcopal Church issue climate commitment

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) joins the Church of Sweden and The Episcopal Church in a commitment to work together to advocate for national and international policies that address the urgency of the climate crisis and help create resilient communities while leaving no one behind. This statement is a renewal and update of the commitment made by the three church bodies in 2013.

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Bishop Hutterer: Our Public Witness

In September the synod council, staff, and conference deans gathered in Tucson for a weekend of church business, worship, fellowship, and a border immersion experience. The experience comes out of our commitment to live into our strategic plan of communicating Jesus: “We will grow our public witness through advocacy, integrating our ELCA theology and engagement with current issues and contextual realities.”

The workshop included time to examine our perceptions around border issues, to cross the border and visit our Lutheran-Episcopal ministry, Cruzando Fronteras, and worship with the GCS’s oldest Spanish speaking congregation, Iglesia San Juan Bautista.

View reports, resources, and reflections of the participants.

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10/15 Prayer: St. Teresa of Ávila, 1515-1582

St. Theresa was known for her life of contemplation and prayer, her theological reflection and writing, and her strong identification with people suffering poverty and illness. Remember the people who have helped shape our faith, values and life, and pray that, through the work of the Spirit, our faith, example and service will have a positive influence on our neighbors, the church, society and the world.

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