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Prayers for Living Christ Lutheran, Flagstaff, AZ

We pray for Living Christ Lutheran Church, in Flagstaff, AZ, a community of disciples embraced by God's unconditional love and enduring grace.

We pray for the staff of Living Christ: Kurt Fangmeier, Pastor; Linda Preston, Administrative Assistant; Katie Sheridan, Choir Director/Music Coordinator; Aaron Carney, Pianist; and Webmasters John Cencioso and Dean Garner.

We lift up their church council: Susan Weaverling, President; Joan Ver Douw, Vice-President; Colleen Snyder, Secretary; Mick Koehnstedt, Treasurer, and council members Joan Ver Douw, Dean Garner, Patty Gee, Margie Goulden, Susanna Harget, Mick Koehmstedt, Colleen Snyder, and Susan Weaverling.

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Prayers for Epiphany of Christ Lutheran, Apache Junction

We pray for Epiphany of Christ Lutheran Church, Apache Junction, AZ, as they invite all to worship, grow through study, fellowship and mission. We lift up Pastor Steve Crittenden, Office Manager Angel Frolander, Treasurer Jan Andersen, Organist Kay Johnson, Choir Director Bob McDowell. We pray for their church council: President Judy Holder, Secretary Tracie Curtis, Bookkeeper Angel Frolander, Treasurer Jan Andersen, Carolyn Lewis, Don Gimpel, Sandra Johnson, Dan & Betty Miller, Fran LeVeque, Roger Larsen, Clay Worst, and Joe Jacobson.

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Prayers for Our Saviour's Lutheran, Phoenix

We pray for the congregation of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona, called to share God's story, grow in God's love and serve God's world…together in Christ. We lift up: Pastor Karn Libby Pfaff; Pastoral intern; Paul Tepker, Organist/accompanist; Megan Carbiener, Bell Director; David Hulin, Office Coordinator; and Dennis Hart, Property Custodian.

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11/4/19 Prayer: People recovering from tropical storms

Pray for people living with and recovering from the devastation and loss of life in the Bahamas and along the southeastern coast of the United States following Hurricane Dorian, and for Texas communities similarly suffering from flooding caused by Tropical Storm Imelda. Ask God to give these people strength and hope, resources for recovery and, during this time of vulnerability, protection from subsequent storms. Ask the Spirit to stir our caring support, generosity and volunteer service during short- and long-term recovery efforts.  

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11/2/19 Prayer: National American Indian Heritage Month

Give thanks for the gifts and witness of American Indian and Alaska Native members of the ELCA. Pray for native congregations and ministries and the work of the American Indian and Alaska Native Lutheran Association, all grounded in reconciliation and the mutual building up of the saints — people of all backgrounds, tribes, regions, communities, congregations and unique needs.

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Prayers for California Lutheran University

We pray for the people of California Lutheran University and the surrounding community as wildfires make their way in California.

We also pray for first responders: God of earth and air, water and fire, height and depth, we pray for those who work in danger, who rush in to bring hope and help and comfort when others flee to safety, whose mission is to seek and save, serve and protect, and whose presence embodies the protection of the Good Shepherd.

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10/31 Prayer: Reformation Day

Remember the reforming work and teachings of Martin Luther, who sought to re-center the church, its theology and its practices in Scripture and the gospel. Pray that the church today will always discern how best to participate in God’s work in the world, to share the gospel in changing contexts and to reform our church, its practices and its traditions in response to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit for the sake of mission.

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