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A program of theology intended to deepen, strengthen, and stretch lay people.

Diakonia helps equip God’s people for service in the congregation and the neighborhood.


Are you wondering:

  • What is next?

  • What leads to freedom?

  • Where can I receive a foundation for my faith?

The Diakonia program provides a system of study to help answer those questions.


Students learn from ordained pastors in a cohort setting. They study traditional seminary disciplines, identify their particular gifts, and are encouraged to grow spiritually.

Diakonia is a two-year program that includes courses on theology, worship, Bible, church history, and practical ministry.

Each class is five weeks in length, three hours one day a week. Students should plan for 4-6 hours per week of work outside of class time.

A simple layman armed with Scripture is greater than the mightiest pope without it.
— Martin Luther
It’s always a blessing to the church when lay people seek to deepen their understanding of faith in Jesus Christ.
— Pastor Pat R.

Classes for Diakonia are being offered in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, and the East Valley (Mesa) area.

Online realtime video classes are also being offered to enable us to reach the entire Grand Canyon Synod.

 Year One Courses

  • Introduction to the New Testament

  • Church History — The First 400 Years

  • Practical Ministry 1: Biblical Images

  • Lutheran Creeds and Confessions

  • Practical Ministry II: Visitation

  • The Daily Life of a Christian

Year Two Courses

  • Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Christian Doctrine

  • Faith in the American Context

  • Practical Ministry III: To Communicate the Gospel

  • Christian Worship

  • Themes and Issues in Christian Ethics

Through Diakonia, I experienced the impressive breadth of seminary training our pastors receive while being challenged to grow in faith and service to the church.
— Twila B.


To register for classes or details on the courses, visit the website at

Please note: Diakonia is not to be confused with becoming rostered in the ELCA as a deacon or deaconess.


How much does Diakonia cost?

  • Tuition: $360 per year, payable in $60 increments at the time of each class.

  • Registration: A onetime non-refundable registration fee of $25 is required from every student before classes begin.

  • Books: Actual costs for books vary from course to course, but instructors try to provide materials for less than $30-$50 per course.

  • Retreats: There is an annual retreat each class year. Cost is announced each year.

The Diakonia program has given me a deeper insight of religion and perspective of my Lutheran faith and has also given me the confidence to serve in lay ministry for the church.
— Glen J.