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Bishop Hutterer and Lutheran leaders advocate on Capitol Hill

Bishop Hutterer joins Lutheran leaders to advocate on Capitol Hill. Join them in taking action!

Over 80 ELCA bishops, ministry leaders, and advocates from across the nation visited Capitol Hill speaking about critical disaster recovery and environmental needs in our communities. Send your legislators a customizable letter at the ELCA Action Center to illustrate specific disaster concerns with your legislators today!

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New pastors are ready to serve

Did you know that after your new pastor or deacon has completed seminary and the candidacy process, they must still complete a minimum of 90 additional hours over the next three years?

Currently the Grand Canyon Synod has five participants in First Call Theological Education: Pastors Abel Arroyo–Traverso, Mateo Chavez, Kimberlee Law, Kathleen Lotz, and David Sivecz. We just completed our spring event hosted in Las Vegas at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. All together from across Region 2, 40 leaders of the church gathered to discuss Care for Creation and how we live that our in our ministry sites.

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Stories of Joy & Desert Cross, Tempe, at the movies

Stories of Joy and Desert Cross, Tempe, went to the movie last weekend, and it was an afternoon of pure JOY! Through a generous grant, SOJ was able to treat families from the Kyrene Resource Center to a private screening of The Grinch. We provided tickets, popcorn, and drinks. The movie provided the laughs, smiles, and joy!

The Kyrene Resource Center is an amazing non-profit that supports families in the Kyrene School District in Tempe, AZ with food, clothing, hygiene products, and schools supplies. You can check them out at Kyrene Resource Center.

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Installation of The Rev. Debbie Royals

View photos from the installation of The Rev. Debbie Royals as Vicar of St Raphael’s, Benson. She is the only native priest in the Episcopal diocese. The parish is a joint Episcopal/Lutheran congregation, and this is the first time both bishops, Bishop Hutterer and Smith, have done such an installation together. Rev. Royals made Bishop Smith’s vestments for the occasion! 

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