501(c)(3) Exempt Status

If your congregation needs a copy of the certification letter noting that they are part of the ELCA and under their group status as exempt from federal income taxes, you must make this request electronically to the ELCA offices at Churchwide. To initiate the Group Ruling Exemption process for your congregation or other ELCA entity or organization, please send an email to 501c3@elca.org and follow these instructions:

  • Enter 501(c)(3) Exempt Status in the subject heading and send your email.

  • You will receive an automatic e-mail reply stating: Please provide us with your entity name, address, city, state, and the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) currently used for filing wage statements or quarterly reports with the IRS. Once they have verified that this information is in the group ruling, they will send the certification letter and attachments by PDF to your e-mail.