Disaster aid package signed

President Trump signed a $19.1 billion aid package for disaster impacted communities, approving funding for many states and territories in critical need of recovery.

Many ELCA leaders, including Bishop Deborah Hutterer, discussed these themes with lawmakers during their visit to Washington, DC.

The federal aid comes after months of negotiations and advocacy in Congress and will help many disaster survivors who have waited far too long to see assistance. The bill also contains provisions requiring the release of withheld funds from previous assistance deals. Many people have desperately awaited access to these funds, as the slow rollout has contributed to increased levels of homelessness in affected communities. 

Support for communities impacted by natural disasters will make meaningful differences in the lives of survivors seeking to rebuild—especially for very low-income families who are near the edge of or already struggling with homelessness. Houses of worship have long been directly involved in recovery efforts after natural disasters, and advocacy from people of faith like you makes a consequential difference. Over the past few months, hundreds of Lutherans have taken action and have clearly demonstrated to lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the faith community cares about disaster relief.

Disasters have been increasing in frequency and severity in recent years, exacerbated in part by climate change. There is more work to be done—but this is a great step in the right direction for those of us who need assistance now. 

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