May Webinar: Life-long Health & Wellness

ALOA has much to offer Lutheran congregations in the area of Older Adult Ministry. In addition to the resources on our web site, ALOA will provide regular webinars on key topics for Older Adult Ministry that are practical and free of charge. 

ALOA’s May webinar is “Life-long Health & Wellness,” Thursday, May 23, 2019, 12:00 PM Eastern.

Host Mark Schoepp, Executive Director of ALOA, will interview Karen Sue Mary, professional Exercise Physiologist and a strong woman of faith.

This webinar will explore simple and effective ways for the local congregation to help people be better stewards of their bodies, and to give God their best. These resources provide practical help for the members of the congregation, and are also an excellent outreach tool for anyone in the community who wants to improve their health.

No charge, 60 minutes max. 

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