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Prayers for Gloria de Cristo Lutheran, Yuma, AZ

We pray for the congregation of Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church, in Yuma, AZ. We uplift these leaders as they proclaim and reflect God's love as revealed through Jesus Christ: Pastor William Timm; Jerry Grill, Choir Director, Worship Coordinator & Program Facilitator; Shirley Ehler, Organist; Char Schomisch, Administrative Secretary; Pianists Marge Graham and Marie Ritten; Bells of Glory Director Kay Lee Grunst, Stephen Ministry Leaders Russ DeVriendt, Joyce Hoeft, and Mike Rosenberg; Christcare Equippers Roy Cavanaugh, Carolyn Thorene, and Jo Larsen; Nursery Coordinator Isaac Timm, and Sunday School Coordinator Eliza Johnson.

We pray for their church council members: Roy Cavanaugh, Church President; Michelle Cegon, Vice President; Kay Lee Grunst, Secretary; Gil Richter, Treasurer; and Eliza Johnson, Lynette Layton, Ann Bird, Julie Villones, Doreen Caldwell, Jerry Randby, and Brenda Taylor.

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Gloria de Cristo, Yuma, AZ, receives $10,000 grant from the ELCA Division of Disability Ministries

Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church, Yuma, AZ, now has a Mental Health Ministry Team that has received a $10,000 grant from the ELCA Division of Disability Ministries

This new Mental Health Ministry will foster greater awareness and understanding within our congregation, and facilitate our work in reaching out to those with mental illnesses and their families.

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