Grant Dollars at Work: Celebration, Peoria, AZ

As we take applications for 2020 GCS grants, we share stories from our 2019 Grant recipients, which you can see on our Grant Dollars at Work page.



Touching Heart of the Youth project grant monies were used for youth events. In October, Celebration Church held “Trunk or Treat” where bounce houses were rented, and congregation members gave out candy. The whole purpose was to get outside of our building and make our presence known to the community. Most of the people who walked through the church’s parking lot were part of the surrounding community.

Then in April, the congregation had an “Easter Egg Hunt.” This event had a two-fold purpose. The first was, again, to get outside of the building and connect with the community. The second was to promote the incoming preschool, which is also for the surrounding community.

As for the youth program, we have enriched Sunday school for youth, done youth service projects at Grace Lutheran, and gone on youth social outings. On average, we’ve had about a dozen youth go per event. We expect to connect with other churches, in the upcoming year, to provide a better experience for them.

The Engaging Youth Project Grant was used to paint the classrooms in our education wing. As you will see in the video, this project is complete. We patched up, primed, and painted all the classroom walls and hallways. These rooms will be used primarily to host Agape Preschool. When they are not using them, Christian education and community groups will use them.