Grant Dollars at Work: Open Space

As we enter the 2020 GCS grant process (applications open 9/2/19), we share stories from our 2019 Grant recipients, which you can see on our Grant Dollars at Work page.

Open Space


One positive result has been some our new people taking the initiative to invite people and do evangelism themselves. They are not finding unchurched, urban, young adults a whole lot easier to invite to church than I do as a pastor, but they do get a better response. One member goes to raves and invites people there. And, believe it or not, had brought several totally non-Christian people to Open Space this way.

Our “Paint Nights” have, over time, built up a good reputation in the community, and are starting to sell themselves, meaning that we no longer need to invest much advertising money into them.

We are also on track to continue several mural paintings, scrap can battles, and live graffiti art shows. These serve to get our name out in the community, and build relationships with the unchurched. They also build connections with other churches.