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Prayers for Desert Cross, Tempe & Gilbert

We uplift in prayer Desert Cross Lutheran Church in Tempe and Gilbert, AZ. We pray for their missional congregation, who celebrates Christ's presence, invites people into a growing relationship with Jesus and equips them to serve in a broken world. We pray for: Andrea Cain, Senior Pastor; Doris Nolan, Transitional Associate Pastor; Doug Bjotvedt, Director of Operations & Property; Dawn Collins, Office Manager; Daniel Decker, Director of Worship & Music Ministries - Tempe; Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries; Shannon Fossett, Director of Children's Ministries; Maegan Jennett, Communications Coordinator; Michael Lottes, Director of Worship & Music Ministries - Gilbert; Denise McClellan, Director of Adult Ministries; Jessica Robinson, Worship Coordinator; Kristen Roehling, Children’s Ministry Assistant; and Denise Viker, RN, Parish Nurse.

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Desert Cross, Tempe, looking for Director of Worship and Music 

Desert Cross Lutheran Church, in Tempe, Arizona, is looking for a Director of Worship and Music. This is a full-time salaried position, available summer 2019.

The Director of Worship and Music equips musicians and worship leaders and, with the Senior Pastor, guides and supports the worship planning process. Please refer to the job posting on Desert Cross’s website for details about this position.

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